Review of Anielli69: A True Tale of Two Families

OnlyEWASTEAST is a gripping and suspenseful film directed by Luc Jacquet. The film tells the story of two lovers who meet, fall in love and then separate, only to reunite years later. Philippe Aniel and Vanessa Hudgens star as the most unlikely of lovers, while Dan Butler and Hilary Duff co-star as two other couples from our world. The film is filled with subtle and realistic symbolism that will appeal to a wide variety of viewers. I would say the film has more to do with friendship and family than romance.

As far as film noir goes, OnlyEWASTEAST is one of the best films you’ll ever have the pleasure of enjoying. The acting is great, the story is suspenseful, and there are a lot of memorable scenes. The director managed to keep the movie from becoming boring, despite the fact that each couple is introduced individually. The storyline, while not incredibly original, is still very suspenseful.

OnlyEWASTEAST chronicles the relationship of the Anielli siblings, Pierre (Philippe Aniel) and Filip (Adrian Antonell), with their friend and neighbor Florian (Christophe Petit). The three friends spend almost every night at Florian’s house, where they share secret information about their own families. The friendship that develops between them is complicated when Florian’s daughter Flora (Sophieinators) develops feelings for Pierre. When confronted with his feelings, Pierre decides to tell his best friend Peter (Dmitry Okendzhileva), but an accident occurs and Peter is severely injured. Before long, everyone realizes that the accident was a setup by Florian and Filip to get back at Pierre for dating Flora’s daughter, Flora’s mother, Yana. The ensuing fight leaves both men unconscious.

OnlyEWASTEAST marks the first year in the life of Peter, and the first months in which he attempts to rekindle a romantic relationship with Yana. He meets with various members of the Russian royal family including Vasili (Vaslav Pushchin), a member of the nobility, Natalya (Nadezhda Smirnov), a dancer and aristocrat, and Aleksandr (Dmitry Ushakoff), an arrogant and tough gangster who has a favorite dog. The three of them bond quickly and start sharing secrets about each other. The movie portrays the characters reacting to each other in different, interesting ways, and this helps the viewer appreciate their relationships more than we would have had the series been realistic.

The movie itself is very entertaining. There are some very funny scenes involving the characters and their friends. Some of the interactions between Peter, Yana, and others are a little random, and that added to the fun. I especially liked the fight between Peter and a mugger who try to steal his bike. It made me laugh so hard.

The movie was directed by Luc Jacquet. His previous credits include

; Le Cordon Bleu; and Papillon, and I enjoyed all of those films. He did a nice job directing this one. The music is subtle but engaging. You should definitely check out Anielli69: A True Tale Of Two Families.