Book Review: Birds of Prey by Brittany Elizabeth

Brittany Elizabeth Murphy is an American graphic novelist. She is best known for illustrated the successful comic book series Mockingbird and its various spin offs, and the ongoing comic book series Birds of Prey. Her other works include a novel entitled Motherload and several scripts. Her books are sold by Marvel Comics. She is also a contributing writer for several Spiderman webcomics.

We’ll start with her first book, Motherload. It’s a fun children’s book that follows a girl’s adventures dealing with a spider. It’s about a young girl named Mercy who is sent to live with her aunt and uncle who are terribly cruel and abusive. However, Mercy is determined to escape and meet the man she fell in love with, Ben. So, what is there for this sweetheart of ours to look forward to?

The final third of the series, Birds of Prey, takes a different direction than the other two. After all, most of the action takes place in Paris. That means that Murphy has to create an entirely new city for the story. Here, she gets to visit landmarks like the Picasso Museum and the Uffizi Gallery.

Birds of Prey features a main character named Nadia consoleing a scared mouse. Nadia is a woman of few words, only speaking to give advice to the Mouse when he is in trouble. The other birds are not so lucky; they have to rely on Murphy to tell them what to do, and when. Murphy does a wonderful job of recreating the city while at the same time creating a sense of family for the Mouse and his loyal companion, Nadia. This book is a hoot, because we get to see the two characters interact with each other in very funny circumstances.

Birds of Prey also features a number of dream catchers. A young man named Gabriel comes to warn the Mouse and give him advice about avoiding his upcoming nuptials. While waiting for his bride to return from her trip with his father, Gabriel becomes the latest dreamcatcher to take down. He is about to lose his mind when the fairy decides to intervene.

Birds of Prey was one of the best books I’ve read this year. It captured the imagination of the young reader and held down the theme throughout. The characters were funny and engaging, while the story kept the reader engaged. Everyone who reads this book loves it!