Camsaovivo Review – Security and Design

The brand name Camsaovivo is based on a combination of two Italian words, “Camsa” meaning night and “Ovo” meaning open. In other words, the brand promises to allow its users to be fully “nightly” and “open” throughout the night. They claim that this will give them better security, personal safety and freedom. I was able to find that indeed, the security offered by them is indeed good, especially if compared with other CCTV products available in the market today.

For one, they have integrated a DVR (digital video recorder) feature with their system. The DVR feature allows the user to record all activities that happen in front or around the house, which can then be stored for future reference. They also offer an optional infrared LED flashlight, which when activated turns on a bright white light in order to aid in seeing things at night. Lastly, they also include a built-in power adapter, which can be plugged in directly into any normal household outlet.

One of the unique features offered by Camsaovivo is a virtual map, which appears on the screen of the camera. This virtual map shows the exact location of your subject, as well as a clear view of all surrounding areas. You are then able to zoom in on any object of interest in the viewfinder. Overall, these factors make it possible for anyone to easily keep an eye on things at night, wherever they may roam.

The ease of use for Camsaovivo is further enhanced by its “panic switch” feature. This feature is extremely useful for any home owner. Basically, it enables you to remotely control the camera from anywhere in the world. All you have to do is select “panic switch” from the menu, and it will then start recording. When it’s done, you are then free to go about your normal routine as normal.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Camsaovivo also offers several other features for added security. For example, it has an infrared illuminator that allows you to see people walking around in areas that are not lit up. This way, it’s possible to identify any lurking creatures or human thieves. Also, it is possible to see in the dark when you’re traveling in cars with internal or external lights. The lack of internal lights means that you are much more prone to being caught unaware. If there is any doubt left after watching someone move through the night, you can simply turn on the illuminator.

There are many different models of Camsaovivo available on the market. The best part is that each model is guaranteed for a two year warranty. Therefore, if you feel you have been a victim of theft or similar crime, you will be able to get your money back in full. You can choose from three models – Camsaovivo A, Camsaovivo B and Camsaovivo C. All of these come with standard batteries, as well as lithium-ion batteries that offer high levels of performance and durability.