Matt Giraud Claims He Is Going to Take Over WWE

If there’s one thing that You Tube viewers have become familiar with on You Tube, it’s Griffin barrows. For those of you who don’t know who Gr Griffin is, he’s a guy from Maryland and a wrestling enthusiast who have appeared on You Tube quite a bit. He’s sort of like a wrestling ambassador, promoting the sport as a professional. He’s also a commentator at a number of events, mostly pay per view ones. He’s not a face that comes off well in the ring, but more as an obnoxious heel who does dirt talk at events.

If you’re going to follow him on Twitter, you’ll quickly realize he’s not the nicest guy around. He makes fun of people on the internet, especially those who are not wrestling fans. He’s also vocal about his dislike for WWE. When I saw him at a wrestling event last year, I thought he was hilarious, but it seems like he always has an opinion on something whether he says it first or he says it after and nobody’s really heard it before. He seems to be quite passionate about a lot of things and I think that’s why he’s so popular.

So what kind of stuff does he tweet about? Well, it’s all about wrestling, mainly his favorite wrestler, Randy Couture. He’s also got his own wrestling podcast, which you can usually find on iTunes. He also covers the independent wrestling scene in the United States and occasionally across the world in Japan and other places.

He recently started a feud with WWE wrestler, Batista, in which he called out Batista at a concert. Some of the content on his feed is disturbing to say the least. Not only did he refer to Batista as a “piece of garbage” during the interview, but he also called out his daughter as well! What type of person does that? Most wrestlers probably don’t tweet about their daughter being attacked by a stooge, unless they’re trying to get attention for a big story.

As a fan, I can understand how someone could be upset with some of the things that he posts on his feed. I’m a little bit surprised that he still has a job with WWE considering all of the criticism he’s received. It’s almost like he owns the company and thinks he rules it. I don’t necessarily blame him though, as I’ve never been able to see how anyone could do that. He’s basically a glorified internet marketer for them and nothing more.

He does have a legitimate following though, and that’s why he’s earning millions of dollars every month. Why wouldn’t someone who makes that much of a following? I guess it’s because they aren’t actually wrestling, although he claims that he is. If he’d actually wrestled, he probably would’ve lost because he sucks. He seems to prefer to tweet about food and other things that are far too boring for wrestling fans. He’s not entertaining, so they follow him.