A Beginner’s Guide to Julian Wine

Most of you know the story of Julien Chaturbate, the young French merchant who visited Mexico and enjoyed a sojourn in the Lapa de San Diego. He was fascinated by the “Shangri-La” of the city, which he visited with his friend Andrades. In his journal, he described Chaturbate as “the man who brought the vine to my dining table”. Chaturbate had tasted the wines of this region and was in love with it. This became his undoing, for though he had bought, on credit, some of the wines of this region, and though he used them in his own restaurants, he sent most of them back to France where they languished.

When we talk of wine in Mexico, the first thought is usually of Chateau Junnar, the place where Francisco de Assisi bought it for his monastery in 1630. But there are several other great places, such as Jarabeans, which play an important role as a trade route between the Caribbean and the south. In recent years, however, Chateau Julian has emerged as a major player in the international wine market. There are many Chateau Julian wineries, and they have won several awards, including the coveted “champagne de villa” (champagne for all) titles. It is very popular with tourists.

The history of Julian dates back to the seventeenth century. It was founded by Father Hernan Cortes. He made it his mission to build a church and found a spot for a monastery, on the bank of the Tequila River. The abbeys were priests, and they built their monastery in adobe and they named it Julian after their patron saint. It later became a priory. In the sixteenth century, it was converted into convents, and in the following centuries it became a college.

Chateau Julian still lives on, and it is a great tourist destination. All the major wineries of the region are located in Chateau Julian and they produce a huge amount of excellent wines. The Chateau Julian is not on the World Map at this moment, but it has certainly developed into one. Chateau Julian has a spectacular view of the river and there are lovely buildings that date from the Middle Ages.

The next time you visit Julian, don’t miss out on the Roman Theatre. You can enjoy productions of all ages and types, right here in Julian. Many people from the area now come to the region for its natural beauty and to experience the rich culture that came with the Romans.

The best of the Julian wines are Chardonnays. They have a soft and delicate flavor, perfect for a romantic evening. Other options include Spanish Malbec, Pinot Noir, and other reds. There is something for everyone in this region, and the prices are reasonable.