Only Tonight: An Important Event

Kaylen Ward is a resident of Australia who calls herself “The Only Gospel Girl”. Recently, she has gained worldwide attention as the face of “Save the Children” in campaigns for the natural disasters happening all over the world. She is also active in political activism and volunteer work; she is currently involved in the “Cable Caravan for Good” program. In her spare time, she organizes fundraisers for the Underwater Foundation, runs a sailing business from her home, and serves as an information provider for the “Only Gamers” website.

What I am going to share with you in this article is part two of an exclusive interview with Kaylen Ward. This time, she gets a chance to talk about her memoir, Only Tonight, her involvement in public speaking events, her book and the games she and her husband play together – and much more! By the time you finish this article, you will be better informed about the woman who knows how to get people excited about something she has done – even before she gets to the stage! But first, let’s take a brief look at what really motivates someone like Kaylen Ward. If you think the answer lies in her public speaking ability, then you will definitely know where you should stick your antenna when it comes to her.

You may have heard about the kaylen’s philanthropic activities. Well, let me reveal it – she is actually a major force in the game industry. The author of a very successful romance novel, Only Tonight, Kaylen is an avid gamer and passionate philanthropist. Her latest project is a video game, called Code Name: Romance, that raised millions of dollars for a number of charities. Only Weeks Nights was made in association with Just Giving, one of the most prominent nonprofit organizations in the United States.

Aside from her time as a novelist and gamer, Kaylen is also very involved with a number of other important causes and activities. She uses her twitter account in a number of different ways. One of them is to support organizations and charities through Only Tonight and her philanthropy efforts. Many of the fans of Only Tonight are actually impressed by Kaylen’s good taste in supporting a charity and her passion for the same cause; hence, they follow her tweets on the microblogging site – only to find out that she is talking about her participation in a naked philanthropist event!

What is this kind of naked philanthropist event exactly? It is a live web conference where she and several other celebrities, including geek icon geek girl squad The Legion, talk about the good cause they are part of and ask for their fans’ help in making it happen. In the webinar, they encourage their fans to donate money in order to purchase the exclusive “One Night Only” codes. The good cause is to raise money and awareness for a specific medical care center in the area. It is an organization that serves neglected children; thus, all of the donated money is going to help make the children more well off and get them the treatment they need.

As if this isn’t enough, kaylen ward and Only Tonight will also feature other celebrities and fans from the web and from Hollywood at some point in the webinar. This has definitely got fans excited already. The only problem now is whether or not kaylen will be able to make good use of all of the attention that these special guests will be getting from such a popular celebrity-studded webinar, as well as from fans who may be following her on Twitter, Facebook, and her other social networking accounts. Only weeks ago, she was tweeting about her “One Night Only” codes to all of her followers, but it is still unclear as of now what she will be doing with all of this.