Why Leo Felipe Bale Should Be Starting In 2021/10

Leo Felipe is an upcoming superstar. This will be his first trip to the White House, and it is being touted as a historic event. While he is certainly an exciting player, it is important for the Real Madrid faithful to remember that he is just another name on the roster. No one was really knocking on Leo’s door to be in the France squad. There were rumors of his transfer back and forth to Spain, but nothing ever came to pass. I think this is a mistake that many fans are making.

Now, the question becomes; “Is Leo Felipe the answer for Real Madrid?” Well, let’s not forget about his ability on the field. He has been a consistently strong and productive player for five years now, and he deserves every chance to prove himself among the best players in Europe. Leo has shown time again that he is a leader and a top notch soccer player.

However, is he the right man for the job? Is he the right person to lead a team? And most importantly, is he the right person to represent the Spanish national soccer team? These are the questions that are plaguing the minds of all Real Madrid supporters.

Many are probably under the impression that Bale should be benched or at least sent off for this season. This decision should not be made until the season is over and the results start to matter. Bale is not part of the long term plan and should not be in the starting eleven. The Bale buzz is alive, and he should be in the starting eleven, but he is not yet ready to be a starter.

As I mentioned before, there are some people that think that Bale should not even be in the team. This is a huge mistake, and the media needs to do some heavy-duty reporting. This has been a big problem with Benzema and Ronaldo as well. It seems that the media wants to pit them against each other, but they are actually better as a team.

Bale’s contract expires at the end of this season. He is in the final year of his contract and has some choices to make. He can either sign a new deal with Madrid or see what happens. If he chooses to stay, expect great things from him this season. If he chooses to go somewhere else, expect an entirely different campaign.