Vibrations of Passion – A Review of Lissanascott by Monique Davidson

Lissanascott is a petite 18-year-old Hispanic girl. She is a very proud Hispanic woman who has from Ukraine. Lissana has always been curious about sex and especially her vagina! She loves to expose it for her husband to watch and to play with it!

Lissana likes to play with her vibrators while lying on the bed. She would do it even if I told her not to! Lissana loves to play with her vibrators, she even plays it with her penis while in bed. Lissana enjoys watching porn movies, especially anal sex movies, she would watch them every time I bring up the subject with her. Livejasmin is also very skillful with her vibrators, she can go on until she gets completely satisfied.

Lissanascott is quite self-confident. In one of our conversations, she confidently mentioned to me that she was going to do two different exercises tomorrow, and her goal was to have six orgasms by the end of the day! She did, and I was impressed. She told me that she had done the same exercise a few weeks ago. She said her goal was not to pass out, but to literally feel like she had gone limp on her first “oop” as she put it. Apparently, passing out does not happen often with Lissanascott!

Lissanascott has recently lost her front teeth due to a surgery, and as you can probably tell, this made her think about having a sex toy for a while. Her thinking was that if she lost her front teeth, then maybe people would be more willing to sex her. A little research showed that this would not be the case at all. As a matter of fact, a lot of women said they would not mind having sex with a woman with no teeth.

Lissanascott loves French kissing, so it was obvious that she wanted to try this new position. I told her that she could try it, and she did. It was interesting to see how her body responded to it, as her moans of pleasure were not very impressive!

There is a real risk in trying to give your partner oral sex, so it is really up to you if you want to take that risk or not. Lissanascott has given permission for me to write an honest review of her product, and I will also add that she has also written an article about it. If you are not sure if you would like to try Lissanascott’s product, definitely check it out! You just might find yourself falling in love with it and having lots of fun in the process!