Accessorize Like a True Fashion Icon

PATTYMEgan is currently the latest entrant into the “strip-tease” niche. This strip tease lingerie design by Sarah Joseph has a sexy and curvaceous allure that will appeal to many women who are looking for a little excitement in their love life. Many women will certainly appreciate the extra sizzling element added to many of today’s panties, but you will definitely get an enormous amount of attention when you wear this strip tease bra set.

PATTYMEgan does not yet have a gallery posted for you to peruse. However, since this site is new, they are working diligently to acquire one for you as soon as possible. Right now, you can view the photos of the previewed models by clicking on the photos button right above. As we all know, when it comes to panties, the female sexiest thing on a man’s body is usually his necktie. This is particularly true because the skin around a woman’s neck is some of the softest and most sensitive on a man’s body.

The VPL Brain patches on the shoulders with a curved shape and covers the bust all the way down to the nip. For women who are looking for an ideal bra to wear under a dress, the VPL is a great option. When you wear this bra set, it will certainly add some spice to your everyday wardrobe.

PATTYMEgan also has a wide variety of panties to choose from. The Stripper Short and Tops are both sheer and see through, so you will be getting plenty of views while you wear them. The G-String has a lace overlay that is reminiscent of a very sensual micro strip. The panty is laced and has a little bow that accents the panties. These two styles are a little revealing, but you may find the right blend of design for your taste.

For something a little more conservative, the Boxer briefs suit just about anyone. They are made of nylon and have a brief style similar to a bikini cut. If you prefer a more traditional feel, the Boxer briefs also come in a flannel fabric that is not too revealing. If your legs are covered, make sure they match the overall theme of your PATTYMEgan ensemble.

With all the different accessories and underwear sets offered by Patty Morgan, it is easy to become confused as to which items you need or want. But with a little time spent shopping around, the right choice will soon be apparent. Choose the right bra, select the right panties, and add some other accessories such as a shrug and a flower to complete your outfit. And before you know it, you will look and feel like a total diva.