A Breakdown Of The Wettd Diamond Artwork

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Wettdiamond was born to the year 2005 and was brought up in Philadelphia. At first she wanted to be a dancer but because her birth date is before the birth of the Internet, her dreams were shattered. But then she found out she had an excellent talent for art, writing, modeling and dancing. In fact, her first major break came when she appeared on The Bachelor (the TV show with a lot of twist ending). She ended up winning the coveted first prize. This lead to other popular TV shows such as American Idol and The X-Files.

Her second major break came in 2006 with the release of her first art album ‘Face Value’. She released it on the heels of her first appearance on American Idol. She made quite an impact with the album which is full of elegant and soft melodies. The album achieved instant success and became a top seller. It became another selling success once it was put into a limited CD/DVD set that is available to everyone in the world!

But it wasn’t until this year that Wettd diamond made history once again. She teamed up with photographer Jason Shaw to produce a photography book ‘The Art of Wettcasting’. They produced a video for the song ‘Euphoria’ featuring Wettd diamond and Shaw who performed a stunning set of voiceovers. This was followed by a concert in New York City. It’s one of the most successful tour sets of all time featuring the likes of David Bowie, Rihanna and Macy Gray.

Clearly a true star, Wettd has won several awards including the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2005, the Brit Award for Best Solo Performance in the same year and the Mercury Prize. She has also gained numerous other awards including the CDA, the EMAs and the Paris Film Festival Prize. Clearly a very talented person, she has managed to grow her already huge fan base even further. In fact, she is now the most popular artist on eBay with her music alone attracting almost nine million people to purchase her CDs and DVDs. She has also managed to turn herself into a fashion icon too with her clothing range designed by her long time friend, Jean Paul Gaultier.

A true musical and creative genius, Wettd Diamond has managed to create an amazing catalog of sound and images that can be seen around the world. Although her music career did come to a halt somewhat, she still has several projects in development including a feature length film starring Colin Firth called London Spy. The music that she has released however is all incredible and we cannot wait to see what she does next. So, if you have always wanted to be part of the world of pop or in rock or classical then there is no better time then now to get involved. You won’t regret it. We’d diamond is certainly not only a great talent but she is also incredibly down to earth and I am sure we will all do well to follow her.